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30 August 2011

Blog awards...

I Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to
Fiona at her Chateaudelille blog for giving this Award!!
Go see here if you love anything
and/or everything French!

It's been a while since I received a Blog Award,
and you can just keep them all coming!
It's really nice to get one.


Picking one blog to give an award to? very hard!

I've decided on two amazing Aussie Blogs...

1. Melinda from Georgia Pond Blog

Her Blog is completely full of gorgeous images,
and she recently took a trip to New York
(trade fairs, so kinda working..!)
and took heaps of pics of that holiday too!
MORE Gorgeous pics!

2. Viera from VT Interiors Blog

Another gorgeous Blog,
Viera has a online store, and her Blog
compliments that business,
which sells fabrics, custom furniture and more!

Her images are probably up there with
"the best" on blogs at the moment.
She obviously puts an immense amount
of work into her Blog.

Thanks guys,
Hope you all enjoy!


Just Martha said...

Cogratularion Annie, well deserved indeed!

Georgica Pond said...

Annie - firstly congratulations on your award. Well deserved indeed. Your blog is quite unique and always provides the most wonderful insight into properties for sale in Australia, that I would otherwise be unaware of. I don't need to bother with Domain, when I have you! Thanks so much for the Blog Award. MY FIRST EVER! It's a lovely feeling to be acknowledged and recognised and I really do appreciate your recommendation.

Annie@A View On Design said...

Good onya Mel! I just adore your Blog atm!!!

re: Renovators - yes I think the wastage is unnecessary, I guess it's difficult to get formulas right on TV shows, I spose when you look at it the most wastage is paint and tiles, whereas most other things (eg bath, lighting) can be reused.

So sad you didn't get on, maybe next time??? 6mths - that's impossible for most people I would have thought. Do they get paid or anything???

Viera said...

Annie, Thank you so much for lovely Blog Award and big congratulation for yours - very much deserved . I often visit your blog checking properties around Australia.
Keep up the great job.
Manny Thanks