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30 August 2011

Blog awards...

I Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to
Fiona at her Chateaudelille blog for giving this Award!!
Go see here if you love anything
and/or everything French!

It's been a while since I received a Blog Award,
and you can just keep them all coming!
It's really nice to get one.


Picking one blog to give an award to? very hard!

I've decided on two amazing Aussie Blogs...

1. Melinda from Georgia Pond Blog

Her Blog is completely full of gorgeous images,
and she recently took a trip to New York
(trade fairs, so kinda working..!)
and took heaps of pics of that holiday too!
MORE Gorgeous pics!

2. Viera from VT Interiors Blog

Another gorgeous Blog,
Viera has a online store, and her Blog
compliments that business,
which sells fabrics, custom furniture and more!

Her images are probably up there with
"the best" on blogs at the moment.
She obviously puts an immense amount
of work into her Blog.

Thanks guys,
Hope you all enjoy!

29 August 2011

The Renovators - outdoor challenges

Garden, building exteriors etc...
They do these challenges so fast, usually around 4 hours, I just don't know how they do it, but they do!!!

Front Exterior Challenge

I loved this one the best!

I thought this had a lot of "cuteness" about it.


And here they all are lined up!

The Garden Challenge

Australian Coastal Garden
by the Orange Team

Everyone loves a dry creek!
Go Here if you wanna see more...

The Japanese Garden
by the Sky Blue Team

The Outdoor Yard Challenge
by the Gold Team

More WOW from me!

27 August 2011

The Renovators - Random snaps!

Rooms I liked!
It's been great to get some other people's
opinions of The Renovators,
keep em' coming!

The general consensus so far is the judges are a bit lame,
I think they say good things,
I just think they come across a little odd.

Anyways, these pics are random snaps from the show.

Suzanne's living bathroom from the "Express Yourself" challenge.
I loved it more on TV, but you can get the idea here.

The quality of the photos on their website is terrible,
so I'm sorry about the resolution here.

I loved Tina's work, this was her bedroom.

The above and below pic is from a day challenge
when they were given a whole house to "update" in one day
in two large teams. The houses were being sold and
they obviously wanted to increase the value of the home
by using the free labour of the contestants!
Sound familiar...

I'm not sure how much these contestants are being paid
to do this who, but I read The Block contestants were
paid $700 per week each, plus promotional money.
$700 is not a lot of money really.
Surely you do a show like this for the fun of it.

These rooms were from the French Chic challenges.

I loved those three thick framed mirrors lined up on that wall.

Nice rooms, remember they only get a few hours
to put these rooms together.

And I loved this wallpaper in this kitchen,
I'd do this room if I could here!

Last but not least is this pic which was a
random snap in a collection of outdoor pics,
so I'm not sure what it is, but I liked it anyway!

I'll post the outdoor/garden pics next time!


25 August 2011

The Renovators - First Ep

Renovate a whole house in 48 Hours

In the first episode I was blown away with the project at hand
and wanted to share it on my blog!

The new contestants were welcomed to the show by
being introduced to their first project,
renovate a whole new house from scratch.

And this is what was presented to them to renovate.
It was all under cover, they had a total of
48 Hours to bring it back to life within a factory.

As you can see,
all the items to pick from to furnish
the house were within the factory,
and the goods for renovation (incl tools)
were all there with them too,
even the soil trucks just drove right in!!!

Talk about DROOL!!!
I wish I could renovate houses like this!!

And here's what it looked like 48 hours later.

I seriously wanted to go visit.

I love that this show focuses on renovating,
and not so much on personal dramas.
Great "how to" segments, like building a stud wall,
or decorating a room with colour.

Remember they don't profess to be design people,
so I think considering their specialities were renovating
trades, the finished rooms looked fantastic.

If you want to see more of the The Renovators,
go see here.

I really like this show,
and can't believe it's doing so poorly in the ratings atm.

Tiling, everything, in 48 Hours.

That's a WOW from me!

20 August 2011

The Renovators - TV show

Colour Challenge
White Room Challenge
This TV Show is on Channel 10 atm,
it's called The Renovators.
I really like this show,
I think it's much better than The Block
for a lot of reasons.
They show a lot more basic renovating,
and not so much drama (tho there is a bit of that!)

These pics are from their "White Room Challenge"
called so because the room started off white for all
six teams, they were given one colour,
and that colour had to be the main theme of the room.

The Yellow Room
The Winner of the Colour Challenge

I absolutely loved this room.
Tina chose this colour and I have really
grown to love this woman's taste, gorgeous.

I think they had to paint, decorate & style within four hours,
from the basic barren white rooms!

The Purple Room
They hand painted on that white tree, it was gorgeous!

The Orange Room,
I don't remember it looking "this orange" on TV!

This is meant to be The Green Room,
but they've obviously stuffed up their images.
I'm not sure what this photo this is from,
but look at the spots on the wall!

The Blue Room,
not bad for two blokes!

The Red Room,
this was gorgeous, very feminine with all those bows tho!

Go See Here if you want to see some more!

16 August 2011

The Block - Rod & Tania

43 Cameron Street, Richmond
General Features
PRICE RANGE: $900-990K
  • Property Type:House
  • Bedrooms:3
  • Bathrooms:2
  • Land Size:186 m² (approx)
"Banstead Cottage"
by Rod & Tania, and I really thought
these two were most likely to cope as they had
done renovations before.

I just adore these dark exteriors,
specially teamed with black fencing.
Notice the ultra modern door,
obviously Richmond have no heritage overlays
or enforcements, mind you, I love it!!

Here they are, all casual and friendly... smiley smiley
0h yeah, it's all smiles now that they've finished the bloody thing!!

They won the last challenge for their backyard
which earned them a $5,000 holiday.
Personally, I felt all the contestants should have got that.
Channel 9 made a fortune from this venture.

I liked the chemistry between these two,
you can tell they have a good relationship.

Very contemporary interior,
I'm not a huge fan of black/white interiors...

A 3br house with no dining table area,
what were they thinking!!!
All they had to do was move that sofa a little
inwards and pop a smart table/4 chair setting
next to the window.

What a gorgeous kitchen feel with the benchtop window
and bi-fold doors. I like the stark white tiles,
obviously, very contemporary, but many said they should
have kept timber floors down. I don't think so.

Gorgeous study nook.

ah yes, the old mission brown shag pile,
I wonder what buyers will think of that!!!
(I kinda like it!!! Soft underfoot!)

The won the weekly room challenge with this bathroom,
I didn't like the sink, how do you create a sink of water???
But I loved the colours, specially the dark floor tiles.

This was my favorite room by them,
obviously I prefer more neutral tones, rather than black/white.

I thought this ensuite was divine.

Small laundries in all the houses really.
If you want to see more about the series go see here.

Nice outdoor area,
user friendly, can't ask for much more.

And here's the famous spa,
famous for the mankini's worn in it!

So who do you reckon is gonna win!!!

And here's the MASTER PLAN!

AND Here's what the Agent said about it!


Rarely has a Richmond Victorian received a contemporary renovation of such spectacular quality and class. Instantly inviting Living/Dining dimensions accompanied by a state-of-the-art Siemens equipped kitchen open seamlessly to designer decking drenched in northern sun. 3 Bedrooms, each with built-in robes, are served by a beautifully appointed ensuite and an award winning central bathroom of sublime style. A bright upstairs study space adds ideal flexibility to a floor-plan that meets every lifestyle need with flair and efficiency, surrounded by every Richmond attraction!

This well-appointed home also presents a unique investment opportunity to take advantage of tax depreciation benefits. BMT Tax Depreciation Quantity Surveyors, on behalf of Jellis Craig, have prepared a table of estimates which highlights allowances for plant and equipment and capital works, in particular in the first 5 years of ownership. Prospective buyers are encouraged to contact our Richmond office on (03) 9428 3333 to request a copy.

As Rod and Tania's real estate representative, Jellis Craig is proud to announce that should the sale of the home exceed the reserve by $25,000 or more at auction, we will be provide a $25,000 donation to our charity partner - Breast Cancer Network Australia.