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29 November 2012

Men have Porn, we have Display Homes - Part 2.


Beautiful, relaxing, classic, let's buy now!!!

Okay, here's the Henley Display Homes Photos
Henley Homes has a gorgeous interior design template, mostly neutral, very modern, relaxing.  Not quite the range that Porters has, but still, you just wanna move right in!

 This is my son, and my daughter, running a muck, not wanting to leave!

 Double Doors into the master bedroom upstairs in this home!!

 This little girls room really was much cuter than it looks here... :(

 Here's my son making a beautiful room look messy by just being there!

 This room, in this house, was the most wonderful to me.
Thru this double door entry, is a little "hall" way which leads to the master suite.
To the left is the bedroom (with patio) and to the right is the WIR & Ensuite!
The only problem with it was that it led off the living room - that was weird!
But I loved it, will def get one of these for myself in my next home!

And there they are,
ready to buy and move in today!
(especially the ones with stairs, oh how they do love running up and down the stairs!!!)

cya soon,
Annie (Kate)

15 November 2012

Men Have Porn - We have Display Homes.

Part One - Porter Davis Homes Haven

I had to break this post up into a few posts because I went through so many display homes the other day, and it was so hard to pic which photos would go on this blog, but for now, these will do!  The next post will have Metricon Homes!

Porters, we all know, in Australia do beautiful display home fit outs.  If you are in any doubt whatsoever go see their website, and click on the "Homes" bottom Pop up Menu and select "style finder".
Then come talk to me.
I decided to this pic first (below), because it was in one of the Porters display homes at Saltwater, and clearly, it's odd.  But I liked that.  It was different, I guess it's hard to make so many display homes look different.

I've blogged about Porter Davis Display Homes before over here.

We all know what it is like to go through a display home and find the furnishings look dull, unappealling... Well Porters could never be accused of that.  I give them 5 stars!
Here's a selction of some the pics I took the other day...
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OK, so here's my living room snaps - sorry about the quality of the pics, 
I took them in a rush so the staff wouldn't tell me to stop!!!
(cmon, we've all been there... :) LOL

I loved the little details in this home, like the panneled doors!

 This study greeted you as you walked into this home - very charasmatic!

OK, so let's get into kitchens.
They were all above average, but I found Metricon's kitchens just a bit better, 
the little details.... Still, the following ones were still beautiful!

In no particular order, 
but of course, I only took pics of the ones I liked,
there were so many to choose from... yum!

It would be hard to go past this bedroom, with a boat - yes a boat,
with drawers underneath and all!
The wallpaper was also nautic, and although it looks a bit odd in this pic,
in real life - it looked amazing!!

Porters have mastered the Master Bedroom!
Soft wallpaper, bold bed furniture,
lotsa beautiful cushions
(no kids crap around the floors)
ah yes, bliss!!!

 Honestly, these bedrooms look way more spectacular in person than in my photos!
Amateur photos with cheap camera!
what can I say, I'm a professional... LOL

 OK - so what's an outdoor setting doing in the bedroom collection you ask?
Well, that my dears, is the "parents retreat" upstairs, off the master bedroom.
It appeared to be air tight, and obviously being a balcony, 
it looked amazing - so different - I want one NOW!!!

 I didn't photograph many bathrooms, 
you've seen one, you've seen them all.
But I did like the colours in this bathroom, and
the tiled bath edge!

 The above would have to be my favorite bedroom.
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No, Not much outdoor shots either,
it was just interiors that took my fancy that day!

Annie (Kate) Luella