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30 January 2013

Summer in Sorrento...

Wouldn't it be nice....

General Features
PRICE RANGE:   Over $3 Million
  • Property Type:    House
  • Bedrooms:        4
  • Bathrooms:       6
  • Land Size:       1220 m² (approx)
Outdoor Features
  • Garage Spaces:   2

Well its that time of year, when we all head off to the beach,
summer weather,
although this week is back to school, 
so there wouldn't be as many down the Penninsula!

I love Sorrento, Portsea, Rye,
all those spots down our coast in Melbourne.

Here's one holiday house that's Not Too Shabby!
:) Kate

 Not exactly your typical "beach house" facade,
but what is "typical" these days really???

 I love the use of dark against light in the decor, 
inside & out!

 Lovely chairs - i want them,
I found some in Melbourne on sale for $169 each,
Hope they are still on sale in 2wks when I can afford to buy them!!!

 Check out the timber floors,
I normally don't like this kind of timber,
but its ok in this home!


 Love the luvered windows!

AND Here's the Master Plan!

AND HERE's what the Agent said About it!

Cliffside with Bay and Coastal Views

This spectacular and dynamic near new seaside residence is set over 1220 sqm of prime cliffside land in this exclusive and premium enclave. With direct access to the beach below and to Point King, the Sorrento Township, it offers a taste of true beachside living in fuss -free luxury. Generous accommodation, large proportions, modern and stylish finishes, fully tiled lap pool and stunning views to Sorrento Pier, the Sailing Club and the coastline beyond.


Littlemissairgap said...

The pool area is gorgeous and I'd like to one day be grown up enough to own a dining suite like that. Chair love here too.

Marnie said...

What a superb looking house! And as for the chairs, can't you lay-by them?

One of my Hobby Blogs said...

yeah I hope to grow up soon and own a set too! I'm not sure about lay-by, I'd say a fancy schmancy shop like this one probably wouldn't do that, but you know what, I'll ring tomorrow and check and letcha know! :)

B is building a house said...

Lovely chairs!!! Did you end up getting them?

Love the greenery of the garden. Beautiful.

That wall mounted tv in one of the bedrooms... I hope it comes out and is able to be tilted towards the tv?


One of my Hobby Blogs said...

Yeah, you need flexible tvs these days!!!

Chairs, well, no. Can't afford them right now, I hope in about 2mnths, which is when they are coming into Aus anyways.... fingers crossed!